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Lie About Your Age

I'm not a big proponent of ever lying, but when it comes to online, does anyone ever speak the truth? I don't think so. I'm a 55-year-old, extremely healthy man, that I would say is above average looking. And yet online I was not attracting the type of woman I felt was at my level. Of course, I am initially referring to her physical appeal, which to me starts with her body, then for sure her face. What I have found, and if you are in my age range, even late 40's to early 50's is you will be passed by, by most women in that same age bracket. I cannot tell you how extremely frustrating it is. I want to you learn from me and not make the same mistakes.  I'm going to make some assumptions, but I feel they are very close to being correct, so here goes. Women online are delusional when it comes to what they think they can get in a man. Just a cute woman (who of course will hide her body) online gets messaged 20 or more times a day, so she has this unfound confiden