You Must Expand Your Social Circle

If you're anything like I was in my marriage, I isolated myself when it came to having a social circle, especially male friends. I had a golfing buddy who was single at the time. He was a good looking dude fit dude and had money, so I lived vicariously through him every time we got together for golf. That wasn't a good thing when it came to my marriage as I built up a ton of resentment. That may be a whole other article. Rollo Tomassi  talks about this in all his books that I highly recommend you read. Check out his blog or just go to Amazon and you'll find them all. When a man doesn't hang out with other men he loses his edge. You're giving up that testosterone boost from things that men do together, whether that is a sporting event, hunting, fishing or just hanging out drinking beers. Not having that outlet will be both an emotional drain and physical on you when all you have is your wife and most likely children. I was the provider so it was all on me r

Women Do It...Why Don't You?

If you are a man 50 and above, and you are considering divorce, are separated or are legally divorced I hope you are reading my blog posts where I on my journey as it will be a massive wakeup call for you if you haven't been out in the sexual marketplace for years if not decades like me. I have an Instagram account and I'm quite active in there. Posting fitness pictures of myself, hiking and a little bit of men's fashion. When I post a fitness picture I usually get a couple of women who DM me just to give me a high five for maintaining such a high level of fitness at 55 years of age. I'm constantly guessed to be early to mid-'40s all day long. There is a very pretty, super fit woman in her early 40's from Australia and we've become sort of cyber friends. We DM each other on Instagram and we like all of each other's posts. I am confident if we lived close to each other we'd be dating. She recently started online dating so I was watching and list

How To Avoid Getting Duped By Photoshop Pictures

As much as I feel like a veteran of online dating, I continue to learn something on every date I go on. I've talked before about women who post pictures and show up not looking anything like their pictures. happened to me last night in a big way and I'm going to help you understand how to not let it happen to you. It is a big waste of time and money. Okay...I hope the above picture got your attention as this is what's happening in the online world of dating. Women are getting their pictures photoshopped or using app filters to remove their blemishes and even worse their age lines (wrinkles). Being a fit man, in his mid-50s I'm really looking for women in their early 40's, but the problem with that is they have young kids, and I don't want to be dad again. So lately I've been playing around with my age criteria and trying to find women in their late 40's to early 50's who look fit and healthy. This past week I messaged a couple of

How To Avoid Getting "Fatfished"

I have over 6 months of online dating experience under my belt and I continue to learn all the manipulations women do to get men to respond to their profiles. It has been a timesuck and a huge amount of frustration to say the least, but if I can share my experiences with you to help you avoid this happening, I am more than happy to do it. There is a term online called Catfish .  The definition is:  A  catfish  is someone who creates a false  online  identity. Catfishing is common on social networking and  online dating  sites. Sometimes a  catfish's  sole purpose is to engage in a fantasy. Sometimes, however, the  catfish's  intent is to defraud a victim, seek revenge or commit identity theft. Fatfished I've heard this term one time, and by god it just happened to me the other night. I was messaging a woman I met on a dating site. She proceeded to send me sexy bikini pictures via text. It got pretty heavy and I knew this was looking good. We set up a time to m

Lie About Your Age

I'm not a big proponent of ever lying, but when it comes to online, does anyone ever speak the truth? I don't think so. I'm a 55-year-old, extremely healthy man, that I would say is above average looking. And yet online I was not attracting the type of woman I felt was at my level. Of course, I am initially referring to her physical appeal, which to me starts with her body, then for sure her face. What I have found, and if you are in my age range, even late 40's to early 50's is you will be passed by, by most women in that same age bracket. I cannot tell you how extremely frustrating it is. I want to you learn from me and not make the same mistakes.  I'm going to make some assumptions, but I feel they are very close to being correct, so here goes. Women online are delusional when it comes to what they think they can get in a man. Just a cute woman (who of course will hide her body) online gets messaged 20 or more times a day, so she has this unfound confiden

Leave Her Feeling Better

I've been thinking about my journey so far as a divorced mid-50-year-old man . I was on a mission to get with as many women as I can, as quickly as I can. What happened to me was a mental struggle within my head that wasn't congruent with this "conquer" mindset. I would go on a date with an attractive woman in her 40's to early 50's, but mostly mid to late 40's. I would get the conversation on the topic of sex within an hour. Soon after that, I would be touching the woman to let her know I was attracted to her. Telling her "I'm a physical man" and that I really enjoyed be affectionate to a woman. Because women are sexual beings too (some more than others), the majority of the time the way I did it they received it well and went along with it. Many saying things like, "I've never been like this on a first date", "you don't seem like your pictures online at all".  My approach was to focus on opening up the sexual

Women And Hypergamy

What I want to touch on today is how women are always looking to trade up and if you are aware of this you can maintain your frame and never get emotionally exposed when/or if it happens to you. Rollo Tomassi refers to this as  Hypergamy . Where women will settle with a man but always be on the lookout for a man of higher status, looks and physical stature then the one they're with. Women will deny this all day long, but it happens every day in divorce. Especially if the woman married a beta-provider, and not an alpha male. In his book,  The Rational Male  he discusses beautifully the stages women go through. I'll dumb it down for you, but when you read this I hope it opens your eyes to a new look on your life and maybe reflect back on how it transpired for you as you got married, and then divorced like me. Women In Their 20's At this stage, women are in their sexual prime. They are confident, know they "have it going on", and are looking for alpha males t