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Leave Her Feeling Better

I've been thinking about my journey so far as a divorced mid-50-year-old man . I was on a mission to get with as many women as I can, as quickly as I can. What happened to me was a mental struggle within my head that wasn't congruent with this "conquer" mindset. I would go on a date with an attractive woman in her 40's to early 50's, but mostly mid to late 40's. I would get the conversation on the topic of sex within an hour. Soon after that, I would be touching the woman to let her know I was attracted to her. Telling her "I'm a physical man" and that I really enjoyed be affectionate to a woman. Because women are sexual beings too (some more than others), the majority of the time the way I did it they received it well and went along with it. Many saying things like, "I've never been like this on a first date", "you don't seem like your pictures online at all".  My approach was to focus on opening up the sexual

Women And Hypergamy

What I want to touch on today is how women are always looking to trade up and if you are aware of this you can maintain your frame and never get emotionally exposed when/or if it happens to you. Rollo Tomassi refers to this as  Hypergamy . Where women will settle with a man but always be on the lookout for a man of higher status, looks and physical stature then the one they're with. Women will deny this all day long, but it happens every day in divorce. Especially if the woman married a beta-provider, and not an alpha male. In his book,  The Rational Male  he discusses beautifully the stages women go through. I'll dumb it down for you, but when you read this I hope it opens your eyes to a new look on your life and maybe reflect back on how it transpired for you as you got married, and then divorced like me. Women In Their 20's At this stage, women are in their sexual prime. They are confident, know they "have it going on", and are looking for alpha males t

Sex On The First Date?

This is a very important topic for the divorced man 50 and over. When I hit the open market, I had moved into a trendy apartment, and gotten all new furniture that looked great, so I felt like I had the ultimate bachelor pad. Time to get laid ASAP right? Once I really knew my marriage was over and the official divorce was underway with attorneys (hate those fuckers), I finally realized it's time to satisfy my sex drive. I was way overdue no doubt! So the easiest approach I thought was online dating sites like Tinder and OK Cupid. I was all about hooking up so I lied about my age, and knew I could pull it off. I said 47. And went after late 30's to mid 40's. Be Patient And Slow The Fuck Down Because I was like a dog in heat, I did not know how to go about the first date. I'm a Type A, Alpha Male, so I went "all in", and would make sexual innuendos within 30 minutes of the date to feel out how she responds. I was pretty smooth introducing sex in

Men: Fake Online Profiles - What To Look For

Fake profiles online are a massive business and us older, divorced men need to know what to look for to avoid spending your hard-earned money on scam websites. This will be short and to-the-point, but may save you hundreds of dollars a month . I know when I first go online and signing up for the dating sites, I would come across these very attractive women and of course being a horny man, I wanted to know more. How To Spot A Fake Online Profile  Tip #1: Anytime you see a really good, high-quality picture of an attractive woman, unless you dig deeper there is a good chance it is a fake profile . Most real profiles have lower quality photos that are taken with a smartphone and are in a real setting like a lake, park, home, etc. Once you spot these, you'll become a pro at it. Tip #2: There will only be one photo and that's it. Typically a younger woman in a bathing suit with a flawless body. Most of the ones I've come across are in a swimsuit, or a sexy outfit (oft

Online Dating Tips For Divorced Men Over 50

What I want to write about is the hard and fast truth about online dating for older divorced men . This is firsthand experience from myself and what I've experienced so far (5 months online). Grab a beer or cup of java and enjoy. Online Dating  Tips - Beware Women Have All The Control  Most dating sites like; OK Cupid; Bumble; Zoosk; and even Tinder give all the control to the women. Almost to the point us older, divorced men are chasing, which in my opinion is a very weak position to be in when it comes to landing a high-quality woman. Like I did, you create your profile, upload some killer photo's and sit back for the barrage of women to hit you up. Not gonna happen, amigo! I'm sorry to crush your ideal, but this is reality, and I'm here to share with you what I've seen so far. When you "like" a profile and send a message, just know an average looking woman online will get 20 or more messages every day! You heard that right. It'

Divorce After 50 For Men - The Transition

I'm writing this blog as an outlet for myself, as well as an awareness of what's out there for men after 50 who have recently gotten divorced.  I'm not angry or bitter. I'm just in shock at what I've seen so far. After 24 years of marriage, getting out in the dating world was a complete shock. One of the first resources I think we innately turn to is online dating websites. I have many stories to share (and I will) on this blog as I want you to know what you're in for when it comes to these sites. At first, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Let me paint a picture of myself to you. I am extremely fit (6' 183 lbs.), I workout 6 days a week and eat very clean. I would consider myself a good looking (been called handsome) man, who does not dress like the 55 years of age that I am. My daughter taught me to "own my shit" and not be afraid to show my off body through my out went the Tommy Bahama clothes and in came the fitted jeans, t-s